Supporting your drive toward CNCI

CNCI (Certified Network Cable Installer) accreditation is designed to raise standards within the data cabling sector: and Bauhaus is with you all the way.

CNCI is the first official certification for the network cabling industry. Designed to raise the level of skills for cabling professionals (and, of course, provide evidence of this), CNCI is set to become de rigour within a few years.

Bauhaus is right behind this. For more than a decade, we’ve built our business on providing the very best people – people with exemplary data cabling skills and experience. So, the creation of CNCI is something we wholeheartedly support.

What is CNCI?

CNCI is a new certification for network cabling professionals. It’s designed to ensure that data cabling professionals have a proven ability to do their job. Find out more about CNCI

Additionally, those successfully undertaking the CNCI training and certification will become BTEC-qualified for fibre and copper cabling.

Bauhaus and CNet

We’re both actively promoting and supporting CNCI, moving with the sector to embrace this new certification. At the same time, we’re ensuring that our contractors move to adopt this standard in line with the market. Of course, as a quality-driven company, we believe that all of our contractors already work to the high standards expected of a CNCI-certified person –with CNCI providing very much an additional layer of affirmation for clients.

Contact us to talk about your needs

Those wishing to hire CNCI-certified people, or data cabling professionals in general, are welcome to contact us to chat about their needs. We’ll be happy to work with you towards a CNCI-accredited workforce.