“Bauhaus has proven to be an excellent business partner. Very well organised and offering a great flexibility and understanding of the requirements of the industry, Bauhaus was able to set a process in place for us which has proved to be a great advantage in fulfilling both long-term and short-term resource requirements for our business. We were impressed by their innovative approach to problem-solving and issue-resolution.”

CNCI Certified Network Cable Installer

CNCI (Certified Network Cable Installer)

CNCI (Certified Network Cable Installer) is a new training programme and professional certification for data cabling professionals.

The CNCI training programme is an intensive, 10-day course (5 days CNCI copper cabling and 5 days CNCI fibre-optic cabling). It is specifically designed for those wishing to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in network cabling.

The CNCI training leads to CNCI accreditation and the BTEC Advanced Award in Data Communications Cable Installation (for both/either copper and/or fibre).

Those who have undertaken the training and certification carry an assurance that they are able to provide the very highest calibre of network cabling skills. 

Bauhaus and CNCI

Bauhaus fully supports CNCI and is working with organisations to respond to their requirements. Bauhaus has grown its reputation on providing quality data cabling professionals and we enthusiastically embrace the opportunity to build on this.

Those wishing to hire CNCI-certified people, or data cabling professionals in general, are welcome to contact us to chat about their needs. We’ll be happy to work with you towards a CNCI-accredited workforce.