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Location:We are currently resourcing for Telecom Riggers across most of the United Kingdom
IndustryTelecoms specialists

A Telecoms Rigger plays an important part in the cellular network communication sector.

Our clients

Our clients include

Our clients include leading global telecommunications, telecoms providers, telecoms infrastructure and networking organisations. Our clients require Telecom Riggers who are fully accredited and who work to the highest standards.


We are currently resourcing for Telecom Riggers across most of the United Kingdom, for UK-based telecoms companies. We regularly have Telecom Rigger vacancies in major cities such as London, Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds and of course, we also have many positions where Riggers are required to be mobile and travel to multiple locations.

Ideal candidate

The Rigger installs and dismantles telecommunication equipment at height in addition to conducting site audits including the documentation of equipment on towers and LOS surveys.

Our ideal Telecoms Rigger will have the following:

  • Extensive experience in the installation, commissioning, decommissioning, dismantling and removal of equipment from masts, towers, rooftops and pylons; running feeders, earthing, labelling, testing of feeder cables and optical fibre; Inspection and testing of ODUs, Splitters and IDUs; CPN testing and auditing of rigging installation including structural and civil areas
  • Have proven, relevant experience working as a Telecom Rigger role on one or more UK networks including Vodafone, O2, T-Mobile, Orange, Virgin and EE. 
  • RF (radio frequency) Awareness Certification (which ensures good practical understanding of RF radiation issues for Riggers working on, or near, buildings, structures or telecoms masts – plus an understanding of current legislation). 
  • Advanced Climbing Certification (Troll or equivalent and BE Tower Rescue trained)
  • MEWP Training and qualifications to work at heights
  • First Aid at Work Certification (FAW) (to ensure Riggers who work in environments with hazards and risks, based on their needs assessment, are able to assist themselves and others should the need arise).
  • Adhere to applicable Health & Safety laws, policies and best practice guidelines
  • Have excellent communications skills, including reading and both written and spoken English.
  • Have great team working skills – the ability to work as a team on the same site / engineering project.
  • To be PC Literate

The Job

We are seeking contract and permanent Telecom Riggers who can work either on long-term rolling contracts or short-term local contracts. 

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2 available positions  

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